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Price on Bacon?

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Hi all,  deciding if I want to do my own bacon or not.  How much per pound do the bellies cost?  There's a local butcher shop that I can get a couple skinless 10~12 # bellies for $3.39/#.  Is there something special that I should ask for when getting them?   I really need to get away from the crappy store bought :)

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That is not a bad price. I have got bellies for 2.99 in the past. I have also had to pay 3.49. You might call around to the butcher shops and see if you can find a better deal. Remember to post pics.

Happy smoken.


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I pay 3.29 per lb.  But its worth it cause its way better tasting.

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Thanks guys.

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I found a skinless11 pounder @ $2.99/lb.  All other places I looked were $3.99/lb.

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