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Amen to that

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Got the tank tonight. It's 16"x41". Now to adapt Dave's drawing to the new tank. It's old and heavy, made in 1952. Might have to give it some retro style, maybe paint it in that 50s seafoam green like an old Telecaster.


Those dimensions make me think it's closer to a 35 gallon tank, not 60. But that's ok. At this size would RF be the way to go or would a regular offset be more efficient for cook space?

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So, running the numbers through the calculators again.


Just curious if I'm on the right track here. I adapted Dave's drawing, using the circle calc and Feldon's. Where I wasn't sure where the number came from I tried to simply scale it based on overall size.


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Good job......    Under the RF plate, in the bottom drawing, 4.5" in place of 3"......   3" is the height of the cut out for the FB/CC opening...but  you knew that....  



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Dave, nice catch! So if I were to proceed with those numbers I'd be ok? Would a tank this size still be worth going RF or would a plain offset style be more efficient for CC meat space? Oh, and how much space is needed between the RF plate and the first cooking rack?

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Roughly, you will have a 15 x 30 smoking grate...  plenty of room for a butt and a couple chickens... or a slab of bacon....  if using rib racks, several racks of ribs.....   I think it's perfect for patio cooking....  Probably cook for 6-8 folks...    easy on fuel....  

I have an old compressor tank that's smaller than that and it's waiting to be converted to a RF smoker.....  I think RF cooks with very even heat, and is the way to go...


You should run the numbers one more time to make sure they are correct....   Fixing stuff on paper...  easier than steel....    Dave

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Hell I can cook for 10 people out of my WSM, and this should give me more capacity than it has. sausage.gif

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Should the FB be wide or tall? If wide, should the fire be built in the middle or further from the FB/CC opening?

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Firebox 1-2" wider than the RF plate for easy fit up.... Taller for room for ash collection and building a big bed of coals and adding wood...  Those things simplify maintaining the fire and heat...  a good bed of coals and adding a split or two now and then, maintains good heat for the smoker...

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Awesome, Thanks again Dave. We're going to draw it up real good tonight and see if we can get pieces for the fire box cut tomorrow.
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Made some good drawings (of the fire box) and have a fabrication shop cutting the pieces for the fire box.
Found a bit of time today (after all the honey dos) to start grinding the extra bits off the compressor tank.Won't have fire box pieces until end of next week hopefully.


more to do. Going to keep the legs and work them into the support frame. There is the cap on the end.Think I could use it for the drain?

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Got some more grinding done. Started cutting the opening for the fire box too. Hopefully I can get it ready for welding on the fire box tomorrow.Will be welding the fire box together next weekend I hope.
This tank has at least 1/4" thick walls...

How would you suggest filling these holes? They're about as big as my thumb.

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Cut a circle of steel, the size of the hole, and weld it in .......  Dave

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Just as simple as you'd think I guess, thanks Dave.
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I think I've made a mistake cutting the opening for the firebox. I started cutting it at 3" from the bottom, but looking at the drawing again I think i should have cut it at 4.5" so that the top of the firebox would be at the height of the RF plate, and then cut the 3" opening in the FB. 


My question now is, can I mount the FB at the 3" height and put the RF plate at 4.5" and not worry about putting a heat shield inside the firebox?

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Cut the FB opening at 4.5"..... like the original plan....  weld the RF plate to the top of the FB....  Cut the FB/CC opening at 3.5" in the end of the FB...... if all those numbers are correct....

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Well it should cut easier up a bit higher... there is some pretty thick welds right in the middle there where I was cutting. 


Would you recommend holding off on cutting the CC door until after the FB is welded on? 

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Had some time to work on it last night while my wife was at a meeting. Got the FB opening cut out. Only had to try 4 different tools and only broke 1! Haha... (was just the blade on the reciprocating saw, which was making very quick work through the straights I must say...)



This time it's 4.5" up from the bottom (as per drawing/plans) and cut it in to allow for about 1/3 - 1/2 of the FB to fit in. Hopefully I will get my FB pieces from the fab shop tomorrow so I can start welding on it this weekend.  :)

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Looking good so far.......



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If I put the chimney on the end of the tank instead of on top, could I gain a little more cooking space? Would it be worth it/work the same?
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