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My first reverse sear rib eyes

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Tried my first reverse sear steaks today. Lightly seasoned them with the local supermarket beef spice grinder. While they sat, I lit one burner on my grill and filled the smoke box with hickory chips. Got the grill to stabilize around 270. Once the wood chips started smoking, on went the steaks. Had a beer, talked smack to the neighbor, pulled the, off the grill when the IT was 115, about half an hour. Turned all the burners on high, opened another beer, and let the grill heat up to 500. Drizzled the rib eyes with evoo, and back on the grill for two minutes a side, turning 45 degrees after one minute. Pulled off the grill, IT was 147 degrees, nice medium rare. Tasted amazing, one of the best rib eyes I've ever had, juicy and awesome flavor. Assoon as I figure out how to post pictures, the q-view will follow.

And a quick thanks to everyone for the great ideas on this site.
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Had to use the wifes computer, my iPad cant upload pictures...


Ribeyes seasoning while the grill warms up...


Pulled when IT reached 110 degrees and pu the grill on high...


After 2 minutes a side sear and 5 minute rest in foil...


My wife whined that it was not done enough for her, but she ate a whole one anyway without a single complaint.

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Mmm...those look outstanding, Scotty! Very well done indeed!

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Great Looking Steaks!  Love a good reverse seared rib eye!

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