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I was in a nearly identical situation a few weeks ago where I'd put meat in the fridge to that early in the week, but it wasn't going to be defrosted by fri night. I put the meat (cryovac sealed) in a cooler and filled it up with water. I did it on Thursday night and by fri morning, it was thawed, put it back in the fridge until I got home from work.

I don't think that was unsafe, but I'm no expert-just passing on what's worked for me.
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Would it work if I submerged it in a sink full of water?  I don't have a container large enough and the shoulder is completed wrapped up?  Or is this a concern in case there is a small hole in the wrapper?  Also, how often would I change the water?  Thanks.


Yes...The recommendation is change out with fresh Cold water every 30 minutes...JJ

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Not best case scenario but you can take the butt out of the wrapper. It really needs to be slightly running cold water. The agitation of the water is what helps the thawing process speed up. Otherwise it is just sitting in a prime environment for bacteria growth. If you use the sink make sure to really clean it and sanitize it with some sanitation wipes. I will usually use my large pot that comes with most pot sets. It won't be completely submerged, but I will run the water over the exposed piece.
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It all makes sense fellas, thanks a bunch.  I changed out the water after 60 min 2 times now over the last few hrs.  It appears to almost be all thawed.  If I am cooking tomorrow around 3pm, when would I put the rub on it and subsequently enough, I am not going to leave it in the water all night, so is a big pan with lid (and still in wrapper), ok to put back in the fridge?  Lastly, if I rub it tonight the wrapping will be off, so is it fine for 16-18 hrs in the fridge in a pan with a lid?


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You can rub it at any time. When you put it back in the fridge, put it in a pan and covered with plastic wrap.
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