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Grand Cafe Smoker

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I purchased this at a yard sale last year for almost nothing. I do not know if anyone here on the forums have one, have seen one, used one.... I used it last fall to do Tri-Tip, ribs and a turkey. All turned out great. The only thing I am having a problem with is the door seals. Wondering if anyone could give me some insight that they have had with it.





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Nice looking cooker there!  got a sweet deal on it I hope!



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He paid 1200.00 I paid 200.00. His wife is now a Vegan so does not use it anymore. Was at a dog rescue yard sale way in the back. I really dont think it was for sale....but. I could hold 2 full Prime Rib Racks with room to spare.

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Seem like these are no longer made. Used to be sold at Costco. There are places that sell Grand Cafe grill parts. Maybe one of those guys can help...JJ

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I am going to try some hi-temp silicone to glue the seal back on. If that does not work I might try and just make a bead of silicone to see if that will work. The seals are just glued on anyway. Thanks for the advice... Dave

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This is an old post, I realize but I was curious how this smoker would be for holding low temps. In my experience a lot of propane smokers seem to run hot.
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