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Smoking pork butt ahead of time

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Alright guys some of you may have read my first thread this past weekend all I can say is that it turned out amazing and my in laws were quite impressed 


now my mother has asked me to smoke a pork butt to make some pulled pork for a party that she is having


The dilemma is that the party is on a friday and I would need to smoke the butt the weekend before...more than likely on a saturday.


What is the best way to do this in order to get good quality 

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I'm smoking one tommorow that i will be taking up on Sunday for one week fishing trip up on the Minnesota border.  I'll be staying at a resort.  I'm going to smoke it most of the day tommorow as i alway do, Foil it, let it rest and pull it. Then i will  put some of my finishing sauce on it and mix it up. Just enough to get it moist and blended.  Then let it cool.  Then put it in a vacume seal plastic bag and seal it up and freeze it.  When it comes time to eat it up there i will let the bag simmer in hot water until heated through and serve it with crispy cole slaw and extra finishing sauce. Reinhard

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Vac-wrap ,freeze and thaw 2 days before and Boil to heat... put in Crockpot and serve...biggrin.gif

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