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21 Spare Q View

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After volunteering to cook ribs for my class reunion I ended up making 21 racks of spare ribs. This was my first time doing St. Louis style and it certainly wasn't the prettiest cutting. I thought I was cutting down far enough but apparently not!














My cheerleaders~


Long day of BBQing for the little one

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Good looking Ribs and the Mastif is cute too. biggrin.gif


Like your Rig, cool.gif

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  Ribs are looking good! Would love to see more pics of that smoker too.




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Those ribs look outstanding!  Love your pit, too!



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That. Is. Just. Beautiful. yahoo.gifdrool.gif
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Those ribs look GREAT, well done

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Thanks guys! Oldschool she sure thinks she is a Mastif roflmao.gifNo one is allowed around the block of the house muchless the pit but she got up with me to get food going so out like a light!


Here is my pit build so far it holds heat so nice but there is some areas I need to improve on her. Add a sink, work station all of that goodness but I also want to build a custom santa maria grill for it also.


Wants and what the blonde haired cheerleader will let me do is another thing :)

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