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Wow that finishing sauce is good can wait to pour it all on the pulled pork. Very good jj. I'm wrapped and glazed at 177 now
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I would start light and keep adding to taste. You don't want it overpowering.
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Thanks Dave will do
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Seams like its onlyvtising 1 deg every half hour lol. I'm hungry lol but I hope its worth the wait.
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Oh it will be. Patience my friend.
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Tis pork butt has been at 192 for an hour does that sound right? I didn't think a 5.5 boneless pork but would take 12 hours lol
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Funny I'm doing a boneless Boston butt today to. I'm at 175 right now going on 7 and a half hours. I'm very patient when it comes to smoking because I have lived and learned when it comes to being impatient and start increasing temps and what not. Sometimes I think bone in helps IT and I always spray my butts with apple juice and some type of whiskey or rum every hour once my IT hits 100. Anyways, good luck and enjoy!!
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Have you ever had them stall at 192 ?
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Not personally, I usually stall around 160-180.
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Thanks for the info smokinjj I guess ill just keep waiting we are at 195 now. Should have started itv earlier. Lessons learned
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Hmmmm I beginingb to think something is wrong lol. Its been 5 hours scence it hit 175
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Yeah temps slow down in the end just be patient. I'm at 192 just now and won't pull until 205 and then I'll wrap in a towel and put it in the dry cooler for another hour and after that I'll pull it apart with my meatrakes. It's definitely worth the wait, especially once you hit it with JJ's finishing sauce.
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How latge was your pork butt? Mine was 5.5 cooking at 240 to 250 and its been 13 hours
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Slightly under yours at 5 lbs at 225-240 it's been windy here in Missouri today so controlling my temps has been fun...lol!! It's been 9+ hours for me and I'm at 199 so were seeing the same outcome, although I'm not in a hurry and been posting some Q-view for our our SMF friends.
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Just smoked two 8 pound bone in butts a few days ago on my WSM using a DigiQ ATC set at 225 deg F. Smoked completely through without foiling took a total of 27 hours start to finish. Rested on a raised roast rack in a large aluminum pan covered with a kitchen towel for a couple hours to get maximum bark. Turned out real good! I'd post Q-View but am unable to at this time.
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Forgot to mention pulled butts when IT reached 195 deg F.
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Smokinjj I pulled at 198 let rest for 30 min and it was great. I couldn't pick it up it just fell appart. We had sandwiches nabisco salad and tatersalad. With the jj finishing sauce it was awesome. Thanks for everybodys help! Hope yours turns out great smokinjj.
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An IT of 205*F is a great indicator the pork will be fall apart tender...BUT...The Collagen in the connective tissue begins to breakdown and convert to Gelatin at 180*F. Given enough time, I can't quantify the exact amount, the meat will fall apart regardless if it ever hits 205*F. For instance, you can smoke a Butt at 200*F. It will take a long time to even get close to 200*F maybe more than 24 hours. However, long before it hits 200*F it will be fall apart tender because Time above 180*F did it's thing. Bottom line is things like, " I take mine to 205*F..." and " They always take 2 hours per Pound to cook...". These are only Guidelines that get you in the ballpark. The rest is how it Feels, and how it Looks, Patience and Practice.


Sitting at 195*F for a couple of hours was plenty of time for the collagen to breakdown and get the meat super tender never even getting close to 205*F. Great lesson learned. One that only comes with experience. An experience that you gain with practice. It may sound sarcastic but often the best answer in a situation like this is, " It's Done when It's Done..."...JJ

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Thank you for your help.
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I usually stall at 165. Did you let the butt get to room temp before it went in? Wait should you let it get to room temp before it goes in? I usually have an internal temp of 40 when I start.
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