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pork butt stall

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How long have you guys seen a pork butt stall for? I've been stuck at 131 for an hour is this normal?
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I can't help you since I haven't done a butt yet (on my list). But, what temperature are you smoking at? Someone who can help you will likely need that information. Also, how big is the butt?

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There is no real normal time as every piece of meat is different.  I have had stalls 2hrs or more.

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Thanks. Its 5.5 bonless pork butt and my temp is 240 to 250. I put it in at 530 am and plan on pulling it at 165 to glaze and wrap in tin foil then finish it to 200. Then my plan is to let it rest in the tin foil for an hour. But I'm stalled out at 130
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All you can do is wait it out. I just had a brisket stall @ 176 for 3 hours. But having seen this before I left plenty of wiggle room in my smoking time. I hope you did too!

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Another thing, make sure you aren't opening the smoker.....this will kill you on time. If you're lookin' you ain't cookin'.

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Thanks damon. Yea I haven't opened the I'd sence I put it on. Just waiting. I should have plenty of time I hope lol. It 11 am now and I'm not eating tell 6. So 7 more hours
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If you can double check your smoker is at 240+*F. A stall that low is a bit unusual. Typically the stall is in the 160+/- range...JJ

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That temp does seem a little low for a stall. Have the therms you are using been checked for accuracy? And to answer your question, my last stall was about four hours.
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Thanks Jimmy untell my digital thermometer for the hopper and pot comes in all I can do is go by is the gauge on the lid. But I did put my meat thermometer in yesturday to verify what the low setting was and it bounced from 240 to 250 as the pellets feed do you think that was an accurate test?
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Thanks David. The answer is no on checking thermometer should I go stick another one in it?
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I opened the lid for the first time in 6 hours abd it looks burnt but I'm sure that's what there calling the bark I think. I was going to glaze it at 165 and wrap. Will the glaze do anything over that bark?
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If you trust the Therms you are using are accurate then the test is valid. But I think either the Smoker is running lower than 240*F or the Meat Therm is measuring the Meat Low and the actual meat temp is closer to 150*F...JJ

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I hate to pierce the meat with another thermometer but it sounds like I should
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Check the therm in boiling water or an ice bath before getting another reading.
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See how accurate the thermometer is by sticking it in icewater. It isn't going to help you today but I find having an accurate thermometer that can measure the temp of the smoker as well as that of the meat is invaluable. I use the Maverick ET-732 (many on here do). It isn't too pricey and it works well.

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Good call Jimmy I checked it with a standard thermometer and it said 165. I think you might have saved dinner thanks
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Lol wife is picking me up a Maverik thermometer as we speak. Does a glaze on a pork butt add to the overall flavor? I'm guna spray it every hour tell 200 now. Does that sound right to everyone?
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You are welcome, we are here to help. Glazes on Butts are ok however the overall impact is small. The Bark makes up a small portion of the overall weight so it can fade into the background. A good finishing Sauce makes a Huge difference as the bulk of the meat gets the flavor. If you like the Glaze, mix some into the Pulled meat at the end. It will have a bigger impact...JJ

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Thanks j got the new thermometer in and she is wraped and glazed reading 175. I'm guna start the jj finishing sauce to mix when it pulled. How much do I apply?
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