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Oh Fatty..where have you been all my life!

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1st fatties of our lives.. OMG..outstanding.


My wife read the threads and rolled and made 2 for our 1st ones.


A pizza fatty and an Italian fatty.


Didn't to the weave, just rolled thick bacon.


Smoked between 235-250 for about 2 hours to reach 162IT.


We will be doing at least a couple fatties a week. Reading all the throwdown threads to get ideas and stealin recipes.


Some qview:














Time for eatin.


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They are simple and versatile. Your's look real tasty...JJ

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Delicious and a Heart Attack waiting to happen biggrin.gif

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Nice job! They look good!



Originally Posted by jbomx363 View Post



lol..... I'm seeing things again! The slice at the very top could have made you some money on e-bay biggrin.gif

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Am I the only person that sees an image of a man with beard on that top piece of fatty???


Don't mean to get off topic, but that was the first thing I saw when looking at the pics. Kind of looks like a famous religious figure... 

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Lol I see it.

What do you mean no weave???? That's half the fun of the fattie.
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I agree.. the weave is half the fun.. next time I suggest not using thick cut bacon tho... thin sliced crisp up better... and may I also suggest you put your cardiologist on speed dial if your going to be doing these weekly.. LOL... THEY DO LOOK TASTY !!!!!!
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Ha.. I see what ya'll are seeing.


Yes.. I agree, weave is next. These were 1st ones and done at a moments notice.


It can only get better!

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Nice!  Very tasty looking fatties...well done!



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