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Hi all,

Elk season is only 6 months away and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on making my own Elk sausage, years past I always paid a processer but with tight times a head I want to do it myself. I just wish it was hunting season now, always seems like a long wait.

thanks Mick 

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Mick, evening.... find a grinder now..... hunting season, they will be snatched up or the price raised....  search recipes now and get your stuff lined out....  Practice the recipe with beef if you want....  just to get an idea....    Dave

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  And make sure to get an electric grinder. If you go cheap with a hand crank grinder, after 10 minutes, you will be kicking yourself!  Personally I would get a dedicated sausage stuffer as well. The grinders come with stuffing attachments, but if you do more than about 5 pounds at a time, that gets old too.  With those purchases you wont save anything this year, but you will have the equipment for future years.Just some food for thought.



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Thanks Mike I'm looking for a kitchen aid mixer with grinder attachment at the flea market this weekend I will also look for sausage stuffers and other equipment.

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A couple-five years back when there was a scare over crappy pet food ingredients I bought a "Tasin TS-108" grinder it's impressive, it'll even grind chicken bones for a pet diet. Makes great burgers (half chuck and half lamb)! Highly recommended.


But if you happen to find a KitchenAid pasta attachment for cheap.. let me know!

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