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Pork Flavored Candy - With Q-View

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So I started down the bacon path, you might recall my first post with the prep work up to this point...did 10 lbs as a test run.

so, I made a few mistakes but learned a bunch....

I changed up pop's brine and added too much sugar and brown sugar plus i added maple syrup.

Kept the salt and #1 right on track.


In the end, I should have removed the white sugar all together since i added maple syrup.

It turned out nice, just a little too sugary for my tastes. My 8 year old loves it.

Tastes great in a BLT but, by itself with eggs, its not great...The sugar carmalized way too fast when cooking


Notice the Hobart in the background? Craigs List for $200 and put that $140 POS from Gander Mtn to shame!



Onto the egg for as long as I can keep it cool.


26 hours of cold smoke then wrapped and to the fridge for a week.


After its 7 day rest...Sliced and ready for vacuum sealing


Glad my wife was out of town, I had a weekend of bacon and beer!

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Good looking bacon.....   beercheer.gif ....Dave

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