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My first smoke

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Tomorrow is going to be my first time ever smoking

I will be having family over tomorrow for Fathers day and I bought a Smoking It 3 a few weeks ago and was going to do a experiment smoke before but my sons sports got in the way

So here it is

I was Going to use 6 racks of St Louis style and some chicken but today my mother in law dropped off two racks of Baby Backs

So it will be 6 racks of SL style from Costco and two racks of BB from ShopRite with Jeff's rub

Just got done doing the rub and in the fridge they are

Also going to cook some London broils from Costco on the grill

More to come tomorrow




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Looks good, Jason!  Good luck!  Looking forward to more qview...



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Yup, good luck on the first smoke-no pressures I feel from your words.

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Jason. It looks like you are going to have a feast.

Happy smoken.


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Looks great so far!  Don't forget the q-views!



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Put everything in the smoker this morning

4.1 ounces of hickory dowels that came with the smoker

Set at 225

So far so good




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Looks great! Good luck! Ribs are a very good starter meat IMO and the end result is always good. Keep the q view coming and good luck

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Hey guys

I'm having a issue getting the smoker up to temp

It ran fine during the seasoning

It will not go much over 200 with all the ribs in there

Just wrapped them in foil and not it hovering at 196

Do I need to adjust the time since it is running so low?






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