Is this a crazy idea?

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Ok, I just bought a new MES 40 to replace my Bradley smoker.  It's been a really wet summer so far, and I want to be able to smoke when I want to, not just when the weather allows.


I have a 14x20 barn that I was thinking about hanging an old Range hood in, and putting my smoker in there when the weather is questionable.  I could vent the hood out the side of the barn, and I'm thinking I can capture most of the smoke.  I know some people build dedicated smoke houses, but I really don't need anything that big.  All I really want to do is make sure I keep my smoker dry.


Is that a bad idea?

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Not Crazy, have at it. Here are some pics for awhile ago and an interesting take on the subject...


• MES Cave or Man Cave by Illini

• PignIt's Indoor Hood