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Unplanned Overnight Pork Butt - AMNPS

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Good news - I am smoking some sides (head of cabbage and some potatoes) that I am going to use tomorrow with some smoked 2" thick boneless pork chops.  I saw a great price on pork butts at Costco and could not pass it up.  


It is just over 11lbs.  I am using the AMNPS with Pitmaster's Blend (hickory, cherry, maple).  Just reloaded it. This will go low and slow overnight.  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Cajun Foreplay dry rub.


Wish me luck.


Q View......sorry for the flash as it was 11PM afterall.  :)  1 hour and the sides will be complete.




Lighting my AMNPS is a breeze with a cigar torch lighter and the Fire Dragon!



Happy national bourbon day!  Sipping on Maker's Mark.

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Good start...pepsi.gif

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Thread Starter we are 11AM and the IT is 188.  The AMNPS did go out.  Drat. Need to fab a drip guard.


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Got them to 192....foiled and cranked up the heat because I needed to get those bad boys on the road.  Popped them in a cooler for the ride and pulled them onsite.  DELICIOUS!!!


Sorry for the lack of QView on the process.  It got too hectic to get out the door and then onsite, I was too busy worrying about getting folks fed.


It really is impressive to have a lack of failure so far.  I know one is coming but I will enjoy the streak while it lasts.

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Here is a shot of the smoked potatoes and the pulled pork.  :)


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