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Ta Da! Here's my smoked meat.

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Thanks for all the support.  Absolutely loved using my smoker today.  I learned a lot.


My hickory wood was way too dry.  The meat smoked in the foil pans is WAY better than the two I cooked on the grates.  It's hot in there!


So proud of this meat.  It tastes REALLY REALLY good!!





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WOW! that's a mess of pulled pork!  Looks delicious!  What sauce you going to use?

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Well, we serve Sweet Baby Rays here at my restaurant on ribs ands such.  Customers love it.  I have not ventured into making my own yet.  I also bought some Cattlemen's Carolina Tangy Gold and the few customers I let sample it tonight loved the Cattlemen's.


I hope to sell all 7 pans this weekend.  I'm reserving one for a gathering we have each year at our house for Triumphant Quartet - June 21, 2013.


ps:  I let my two pickiest customers try a sandwich tonight. They raved about how good it was.  Last two customers to leave tonight!

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Great, looks really good. Glad the Bus. is doing well.


Have fun and as always. . .

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You Rocked it!  Good and happy for ya!



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