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Pulled Pork Spicey Sausage Rub

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I have been working on this recipe for about a year, I think i nailed it about a month ago.


All ingredients are by volume. I use a Tablespoon, but a shovel would work too. This is the recipe for meat thoroughly soaked in brine hence no salt.


1 Allspice

1 Sage

2 Fennel Seed (ground)

2 Crushed Red Pepper (ground)

3 Star Anise (ground)

3 Onion Powder

3 Garlic Powder

3 Old Bay

3 Black Pepper (ground)

5 Paprika

5 Cumin (my favorite spice of all time)

7 Dark Red Chili Powder


I try to grind my own spices as much as possible. This recipe will make the bark on a Pork shoulder taste like smokey hot Italian sausage, but when it is pulled and all mixed together will just give the meat a subtle spiciness that will have everyone coming back for more.


I have used the same spice mix with an addition of


5 Salt (kosher)

20 Brown Sugar


for meat that wasn't brine soaked with good results as well.


I would love some feedback.


Thank you.



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Chris that sounds like it would be great

Happy smoken.


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Sounds interesting!  Thank you for sharing with us!



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