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Unknown Smoker

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I won this beauty a few years ago and just threw it in my garage. Now, with my new found addiction to smoking, I decided to pull it out and see what its all about.


It has multiple layers to hold multiple meats



The one major problem I see is that there are no vents in the bottom to control air flow, only one adjustable vent on the cover. The air just has free flow around the "fire tray"




Any suggestions as to how to get this to work and maybe what "kind" of smoker this is!?

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Cook on it and see how it does, then make adjustments
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It's an ECB, a lot of folks start off with them because of the price. Once they decide that smoking is something they want to continue they upgrade to whatever fancies there need. There's a lot of good mods that can be done to them. search in the smoker section-ECB mods.

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Thank you! I have a Smoke Hollow that I am currently using but figured, two smokers has to be better than one! I will do a little research on some mods and hopefully before too long I will be able to smoke twice as much, then I can invite everyone over for dinner 241.png

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