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Pic's won't upload

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Hi All I'm having trouble uploading pics. When I hit summit it comes up wait a moment and just stays there. I tried yesterday and today with the same results. Only once at 1st try yesterday was I able to upload a pic?? Since then nothing but trouble??
Thanks Dan
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Let me try.






Try a different browser, deleting temp files and the usual stuff.



Dude I had to laugh at the thread title

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laugh1.gif  poor guy! How did that pic get out on the net?


I should have not laughed! Bottom.gif

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Having the same problem for about a week plus. Had to switch to FireFox to get pics to upload...just not working on IE. Have had no problems using IE to post threads for years here......all of a sudden it's an issue.

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Hi All I have no trouble posting in a thread, but when I want to upload pics then the problem starts.
I didn't know that the thread listing was not right.. Fixed now.
Thanks Dan
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Hi Dan.

I had the exact same issue a day or 2 ago.  Dave (S2K9K) suggested trying it on a different computer or using a different web browser (I was running IE).  I tried from my office (Running Google Chrome), and the pics loaded just fine...So now I'm running Google Chrome at home too.  I don't know why they stopped loading with IE, but the switch to a different browser solved my problem.



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Hi I only have IE as my web browser. Where do I get Google Chrome from?
Thanks Dan
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put google chrome download in your internet search bar. should be near the top of the selections.  Its a free download

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I found that the easiest way for me to do it is to copy and paste them right in. That way there is no upload.

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