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Newbie - first ever smoke + Q-View

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Hi all,


Got a Smokin-It Model 2 a couple of weeks ago and took it out for its maiden voyage this weekend.


I had two 5lb chickens that I cut in half, applied a rub and placed in fridge overnight.


Set up the smoker with 2oz apple wood and 8oz apple juice placed in can on bottom of smoker.


Smoked at ~235 for 2.25 hours until temp probe was at 165 degrees.


Tried to crisp the skin with ~8min in 400 degree oven right before serving but that didn't seem to work too well.  Will try grill next time.


A little too much smoke for me also - will do 1oz next time.  These were definitely juicy and tender though.  Family loved it.


Wouldn't have been able to achieve this success without this forum, so thanks for all the great info!


Here is the before:


And the after:

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  They look great! Nice color.



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Looks great.  Congrats on your smoking success.

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Oooopps...double post.

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Those birds look outstanding!  Very nice color...great job!



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Looks like you are knocking it out of the park Pal! Nice work!

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Thank you all!

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Those look great!

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Nice Birds... a crispy skin is an effort, I now do them in my Grill (just acquired it).biggrin.gif


Iloke the Spatchcocked birds better than BCC, more consistent.

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Those look way better than my first chicken attempt. Great job.



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