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Hot and moist?

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My buddy and I just tried our hand at selling pulled pork at a local farmer's market yesterday.  It was kind of a spur of the moment thing with the owner practically begging us to set up a stand.  Due to time constraints, we smoked 4 ten lb. butts for 6 hours and then finished in oven and rested till we opened the stand the next morning.  It was a good day, we sold out of pork in 3 hours....wish we would have made 4 more!  Anyhow, my question is this.....After pulling the pork, we were worried that the meat would dry out in the pan before we could serve it. We had it in a large aluminum pan on a gas grill with one burner.   We also wanted to keep it warm enough to serve.  Are there any tricks to keeping it warm and moist?





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That is what I would have done.  But...some of the other members may have a better idea to help out.  Congrats on the Success!



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