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better bark for my brisket....

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Hey all, Im new here, I have a brisket question. I just smoked my 3rd brisket. All in all Im fairly pleased, tasty, flavorful and it tettars apart with my hands. It was a 6 lb brisket smoked in my SMS vertical SS smoker. My only complaint is I would like a crunchier bark. I hear puling out the watwer pan might help this? I only mopped once when I flipped it, foiled at 166 and pulled it out at 190. Let it rest for 2 plus hrs. Pretty darn good...but Id luv a crisper bark without substituting moistness...any thoughts? I dont have this prob with my pork butts...they come out with great bark!


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For better bark I do not foil it, can take longer to cook that way, but if you love bark.

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One thing about foiling is you lose all the crispiness of the bark you worked so hard to get. Pulling the water and going to a dry chamber also helps. Here are a couple of links that describe the "lean trim no foil wet to dry smoke chamber" method that one of our members has been working on for awhile now. I have adopted this method to a lot of my smokes and it has taken my BBQ to a whole new level.
So if you are willing to go against the norm and step out on a ledge and take a chance on something that Really works then read on:
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yeahthat.gif   What they foil = better bark



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Yah thanks guys, I thought about pulling the water pan. Next time. Cheers!

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No foil will help for sure, if you have the patience to stay with one for the extended cook time.  A spritz of apple juice with some sugar dissolved in it will also help out, but with the sugars, you have to keep a close eye and make sure it doesn't burn.

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I came up with a hybrid method that gives me the moistness of foiling, while still maitaining a good bark - it's like 3-2-1 but for brisket.


Cook brisket on racks without foil till temps hit 165°, foil and cook till temps hit 180°, remove from foil and cook till you hit 195°. You will find that after you remove it from the foil the temp will drop about 10°, and it will take about 4'ish hrs. to get up to 195. That 4 or so hours re-sets the bark, but (and this is the part I love) the bark is not overly crunchy and dry - it has just enough moisture to make it very edible and tastey.

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 Never wrapped , only Seasoned , placed in a 225*F preheated  and with good TBS...


 and the lid to my smoker is NOT opened until my target temp. is attained - 200*F IMT ...   this Point fell off as I removed the Brisket...


  juicy and very tender . The Bark was outstanding  8-)

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