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Keeping AMNPS lit in a Smokin-it #2

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   Hi there. Last year I smoked some cherry tomatoes w/a smokenator & hovergrill on the weber kettle. They were super! I only wish I dried them as well. This year I bought Todd's AMNPS & a smoken-it #2. My hope was to cold smoke the tomatoes in the smoker & dry them in there as well. Keeping the AMNPS lit was a bit problematic. I bought a 4" duct booster fan & put it on top of the Smoken-it. Instant sucess! The AMNPS stays lit through the whole pellet load. I can moderate the air exchange inside the smoker by putting a small shim under the fan. I smoke the tomatoes with the AMNPS only for 3-4 hours, then remove the AMNPS & turn on the element to about 150˚. Elevate the fan a bit, so I don't suck out all the heat,(monitor with Maverick) & let the thing run until they're done to my liking. (typically 6-8 hrs). 
   These are Romas from this morning's farmers market. Simply wash, cut in half, & sprinkle with salt, onion powder, & basil. Can't wait to get my own tomatoes in there. 
   Thanks to Todd for the AMNPS & Qmats, & thanks to the guys at Smokin-it!
   Hope this helps someone...


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Looks great coolbob. I like the Mod. what ever it takes to make TBS. I will be smoking some Tomato's as soon as they turn red. I also like to cut them in half  a little smoked kosher salt crushed black pepper Basile and smoke Swiss cheese. throw them on the grill till the cheese is all bubblie.

Happy smoken.


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Any pictures of the finished products?

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