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1st time beef ribs

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Didn't take a lot of pics but did beef ribs for the first time today. I bought a half a beef from my buddy and got 10 packs of short ribs, 5 in each pack. Wife picked up a rack of back ribs so did them side by side. I rubbed with olive oil, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, course ground pepper, and white pepper. Smoked for 2.5 hrs with apple at 240. For foiling I took 2 cups water, 2 beef bouillon cubes, Tbls of Worcestershire, diced red onion, and dash of salt and pepper. Foiled for 1.45 hrs at 250. Then back on for half hr with no smoke, I nibbled on one after foiling and smoke was very apparent so didn't want to over do it. Then I himmed and hawd over to sauce or not. But kids said sauce so 2 light coats of sweet baby rays. About to dig in, I'll let you'd know if it was a success or failure.

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Looks good.

Happy smoken.


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So where is my invite??  Lookin great!  Keep Smokin!


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Nice! Looks great!

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Looks delicious from here, Johnny...nicely done!

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Thanks guys. Got to say they tasted great, but texture wasn't the best. A little tough. Never done them before so not sure what to aim for. Thinking longer foil next time, and lowere temps. Kids land wife loved them so all in all not a bad smoke.
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