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Brinkmann TLE Smoker

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Hi folks,
I've been on you tube and taken a lot of advice from posters about the mods for my Brinkmann TLE which I purchased a few weeks ago. I drilled two holes in the front on each end and installed two more thermometers in the front lower at grilling level. I purchased two cookie sheets from Gordon's Foods and bend one up to redirect the heat from the firebox under the bottom grate to the opposite end of the smoker. I was told that would bring the heat to the other end of the smoking chamber and allow for more even heat distribution. Well when I tried this new mod out I was finding the heat thermometer by the firebox was reading 50 degs higher at 225 dregs than the far end thermometer which was 175 degs. My first impression is this mod is a waste of time of I'm doing something wrong. I know some guys take the smoke pipe off and reinstall it on the firebox end for the reverse flow but I kinda hate to mess up my smoker and the fitted cover that I just bought. Any suggestions?
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Tuning plates installed above the opening between the firebox and cook chamber......   Dave


 on pic to enlarge.....

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Thanks Dave,
I installed a baffle directing the heat downward using a cookie sheet and I laid another cookie sheet next to it. I'm thinking the second cookie might need to be cut up or holes drilled into the sheet. I just came back from Home Depot and bought a flex pipe to bring the vent down to grate level. Hope that works out.
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