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My pork shoulder is almost cooked - I have a question

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Hi there - I put my 9lb pork shoulder in my MES 30 at 2am. It is now almost 6am and it's at 160 internal temp. The smoker is at 245 degrees.... It's my intention to leave in smoker until 2pm or so because I want nice bark etc. what should I do? Should I lower temp of smoker significantly? I am using mesquite and applewood. Should I keep adding chips through the end?
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A 9Lb Butt at 245*F will take some where between 14 and 18 hours, possibly a little longer. So it will very likely not be done at 2PM. You are a little ahead of schedule, now, but that could be because the MES is running hotter than you think. Are you using a separate therm near the meat to measure Actual Smoker Temp? I would leave things as is and if for whatever reason you get done early, wrap in foil and old towels and stick it in a cooler. It will stay hot for 4-5 hours. Mesquite is Potent Stuff! All except the hardcore Mesquite lovers put 2-4 hours of Mesquite then go all some other wood. Your Apple would be a good choice to finish out the smoke. I add smoke as long as meat is in the smoker. But if you need a nap, add wood for several hours then get some rest. There will be plenty of smoke flavor...JJ

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Are you sure you have an accurate read on that IT? 160 at four hour mark seems high to me. Slow it down a little. 220 cook temp is the number most folks on here cook pork at. Also, the avg. cook time is 1.5-2.0 hrs per pound. I cook 6 hours smoke( personal pref) and pull it out to rest at 195 internal. Troll around in here and use the search bar at top of page to find lots of help with pork. Good luck!
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Thanks Papa...That is the point I forgot. If the Probe in the meat is Off or Shallow it will read higher than actual IT. So you may be off there...JJ

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Thanks for the advice. I dropped down the temp to 220. I even used another thermometer just now and the temp of the meat is 160 the probe that came w smoker is saying 166. Looks nice and black. Shall I just leave it alone in there? We are six hours into process.
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Let it ride...It is going to stall. It has only gone 6 degree in the last 2 hours that is nothing...JJ

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Ok, on the other thermometer internal temp 6hrs in is 152. That is good right? It's important to get to140 at 4hrs I read so looks like I am on track
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You are fine but it is now after 3 PM...Is it done, IT of 200*F, as you expected?...JJ

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16hrs later. This is awesome! I am hooked!

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Looks great Vwspa! Patience paid off!

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There you go...JJ

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Man that looks good, well done

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I'm glad I saw this just before dinner. It looks so good it made me hungry. Great looking butt!

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