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Wannabe inching closer

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Well, I finally pulled the trigger...I sent my check off today for a FEC100...it'll take several weeks to arrive, so I'll be studying this forum for tips and tricks (my last smoker was an electric, SM025)--any words of wisdom, just shout 'em out!

I'm excited!  (...and a little scared the wife will find out how much this thing costs)...but mostly excited!!

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Congratulations that's a beast!   You'll be cranking some Q out this summer for sure. congratulation_graphics_2.gif

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Good Luck with that...I was looking at them the other day and tried to think of a way to talk my " Accountant " into releasing the funds...I gave up when I got a Headache!...JJ

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Congrats! Those are some nice looking rigs!

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Congratulations! You're going to really enjoy it. I have several other cookers but the FEC is still my favorite.

Edit: I added a vent onto mine to help manage wind blowing into the exhaust. I got a 5" model from Home Depot that was an exhaust cap for a hot water heater.
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Talked with the BBQ Bonanza guys the other day...it has shipped and barring any problems should be here Tues!  I can't wait!

Carpetride, thanks for the tip...will look into that!

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So...I thought I'd give a follow up...
This is the 18 wheeler trying to negotiate my tiny, dirt driveway

Off the truck


I'm so excited...this is gonna be a great 4th of July!
btw, the transaction with BBQ Bonanza out of Kansas was flawless.  They were very helpful and their prices are hard to beat.
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Congrats! Both on the smoker, and still being alive!  I am assuming that the wife hasn't found out how much they run?icon14.gif

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lol...no...I'm thinking she knows she shouldn't ask... ;)

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That's a nice, shiny new toy!  I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of it in action...



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The fourth of July...
got fire

got butt

got ribs

got smoke!

...and that's the last pic I got before the swarm converged!!
you may notice that I'm missing the drip tray...but a little redneck ingenuity got me through...
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Very nice! Congrats! Looks awesome!
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Look at that bad boy. Nice, very nice indeed.

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