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HELP - Brined pork belly Pop's brine, brine is slimey

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I brined two pork bellies as per Pop's brine, followed it exactly. Brining time was 13 days. I took it out of the fridge and the brine is slimey, like snot or gelatinous liquid. The pork itself doesn't smell bad. Did I ruin it or is this what happens?

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I have seen this before and it seems that slime happens occasionally.. dont worry..



Here's the info from searching...



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I appreciate the quick feedback, I suspected as much. Testing and pictures are coming!

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Looking foward to the pics.

Pops brine is awesome.
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It happens. Wash it off and proceed...JJ

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Looking forward to pictures!
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So here they are. I had another for my first build and smoke, the pictures didn't turn out (lesson learned, don't use my blackberry for pictures). Here is the bacon after sitting out:



I tested it with a quick fry:



Here's what made it to the cooked picture, it was the perfect mix:



I added cheese the cold smoke, why not? It's cheddar, moz and cheese curds:



The cheese was done earlier, I don't know if that's common but it was done to the way I like it:



The bacon:



And then sliced:



Back is sliced, middle are chunks for soup and the front is scraps for pizza. I also saved a whole chunk to try on a hot smoke to see what happens. Anyone try that after the cold smoke?


Not that this has anything to do with bacon, I also smoked this for my wife as a snack for her patience:



It's brie smoked on a cherry plank with a cranberry compote and parsley, thyme, savoury and garlic from the garden. There may also be nuts on there, but they aren't mine...

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How long did you cold smoke the bacon?

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I did it for roughly 12 hours. Should I have gone longer? Flavour-wise it seemed to be pretty good.

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I did mine for 12 hrs too.  I am smoking more saturday and I might go longer.  12 hrs had good flavor.

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