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Electric ECB and the AMNPS

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OK, I couldn't find out this information but that's probably because I can't search well.  I am on vacation this week so guess what?  Yep, I'm Smoking.

Well I just got my AMNPS and thought about where I would place it on my Electric ECB without losing either one of the (only) two shelves. 

So, I first tried placing it atop another empty smoker box directly on top of the electric element.  I also used some 1/2 inch rebar to provide a gap between the smoke chamber and the bottom chamber.  No good.  I had complete combustion in about 30 minutes.  So I refilled and tried again.

I next tried placing it atop a brick on top of the electric element.  Still had the rebar there as well.  Again, no good.  Again, complete combustion in about 30 minutes.  Again I refilled and tried again.

The third time is a charm!!!  I stole a cooling rack from the kitchen that I usually use for bacon on my 13x18 inch cookie sheets.  I placed it over the bottom ring of my ECB and it spanned that opening perfectly.  Goodbye rebar.  This gave me about a three inch gap to the top of the element below from the bottom of the AMNPS.  This also left only a small 1/2 inch gap between the bottom ring and the rest of the smoker.  Which is just about perfect because the AMNPS needed more air than the ECB would provide without more holes drilled in it. ( My smoker us unmodified at this point).

So now, I am smoking at 196 degrees with a beautiful, thin blue smoke going on. 

Since I haven't drilled holes into my Electric ECB, How about a rebar gapper? This worked great with the AMNPS

This is with the rebar gapper going on.  I gave up on this one.

First I tried this smoker box over the element (empty) but the whole AMNPS spontaneously combusted. Then I tried a cast iron pan filled with water with the AMNPS on top of that... STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Lastly I just put a brick on top of the element and the AMNPS on top of the brick. That's the ticked :)

This looked so promising to start with.  Problems with complete, spontaneous combustion, LOL



This is the winning combo.  The electric element in the lava rock at the bottom per usual and then the AMNPS on top of the grid that also supports the top of the smoker.  I can maintain a constant 195 degrees with this setup and I don't get runaway pellet burn.


A lower carb version using Dried Navy Beans, Stevia and SF Maple Syrup. But all of the seasonings used in Dutch's WBB. This will be even better than the ham I'm thinkin'Rib Joint, New Orleans, LA "Butt Rub" and yellow mustard.

the Ham trimmings ready to drip down into a take of on Dutch's Ranch and Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.Bottom Rack, Beans with the ham trimmings suspended from the upper grate

And here is what I'm smoking today.  A twice smoked ham and a batch of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.  I am really proud of my ham trimming suspension deal. 

Thanks for looking and Happy Smoking :)

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Good idea! It fun playing around and even better when you find out what works. I hope you can get a finished picture later.

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Glad you got it to work and you are well on your "smoking" way! Don't forget the rest of the q view for us!

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Interesting, I was wondering how to incorporate one into my ECB. Thanks for the pics!
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