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Air Vent questions

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  Ok another newbie ?  Lets says my chamber temp is 250 and my vents are at 50%  and I want less smoke do I open or close them.  Do I need to adjust the burner to maintain the temp? Running a MasterForge dual door and I did the gasket mods.

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I assume this is a propane model. You should always have the top vent wide open while smoking to ensure a good draft and keep fresh smoke flowing. If yours has bottom vents you can use them to adjust airflow to help control temps and smoke flow. Really the best way to control amount of smoke is by the amount of wood you use or how long you use it.
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 Thanks S2.

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Yep top vent all open and adjust your temp with the bottom one and adjust your smoke by the amount of wood u put in...good luck..

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You can also control the smoke by using chunks or chips, also stacking chunks and how they are placed in the chip pan and chip pan placement can control smoke as well.


Read This, it may help you understand what I mean.

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