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To close this out.  David, Sam's here does not carry packer cut. 


At 3:00 my wife told me it was for chopped sandwiches.  I was going good to have it at 195ish at 4:00.  I remembered that for chopped it is recommended to cook it warmer.  I was thinking 205, but with all the other prep needed to be done I couldn't look it up. It got up to 200 at 5:00, and I took it off and wrapped it up and put it in a cooler.  I did cut off the point and cubed it and put it back on.


Finished whole brisket

Finished burnt ends




I thought the chopped was a little dry.  I'd like to try it again to see if the 5 degrees would help.  I did not try the toothpick test, was not sure if that pertained to a chopped brisket.  It was on for just over 13 hours and most of the time the smoker temp at 260ish.  I tried to knock it down a few times, but these Brinkmanns don't have any adjustments.  That will be next weekend's project.  The fact that it was chopped and most were putting BBQ sauce on it, I think I'm the only one that had a complaint.  My wife thought it was good.  The burnt ends went back on the grill for about two hours.  The party was going on and I lost track of time.  The finished product is above.  After roughly two hours on the smoker, I took them off and put them in the cooler.  Three hours later after everyone left, I had to try them.  My daughter said, "this is heaven."   Thank you everyone that replied and for this forum in general.  Now I need to figure out where to stash a Lang 48.

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Looks great.

If i had a Lang 48 i would display it.

Happy smoken.


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Everything looks great. Burnt ends rock
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