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Hey everyone, so after buying a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker from Home Depot on Memorial Day I was doing some research on recipes and a few tips and I came across this forum.   First off my name is Geoff and I'm from San Diego, CA, married, I'm a huge Chargers and Oregon Ducks fan, I love BBQ and smoked meats and I have a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric.    Other than that there's not much else to me.   I usually smoke the classics, Brisket or Tri Tip, Chicken, and Pork.   Thanks a lot for providing a one stop resource for us "late to the game".   I do have one question, I have my chip pan contacting my heating element; is that going to reduve the lifespan of my heating element?   Again thanks for responses in advance and I look forward to sharing my triumphs and failures (one was a severely burned finger from a slip on the hot chip pan and of course dry chicken breasts).

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Hi Geoff! welcome1.gif to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, we have over 50,000 members who just love to share their experience and over 900,000 posts describing it!

The search bar at the top can be your best friend when you are trying to find answers to your questions but you can still ask too if you want!

You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-Course, it will teach you all the basics plus a whole lot more!
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Welcome to the forums, Geoff!  Glad you've joined us.  You've found a great place to learn and share ideas on our favorite pastimes...grilling, smoking, and curing great food!  There are lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here who really enjoy helping one another.  Just ask any time you need help and you'll get plenty!


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Going to pay for the course and get the PDF all at once; other than that the only question I have is about the Wood Chip pan reducing the heating element's lifespan when sitting on top and not raised off by a few inches.   I'm sure I'll have more questions as time goes.    Thanks again for the welcomes.

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welcome1.gifto SMF!  We are so glad you joined us!


If you didn't read the "Terms of Service" notes.....please do.  There are a few things that everyone should know about those pesky little rules before plunging into the forums.


If you need any help roaming around the forums....just holler!  Happy to help out!



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Thanks for the link, I already read them when I received the PM once I signed up.   Looking forward to swapping stories and successes.

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  Hi Geoff. I think it will be fine. When I got my electric smoker I had the same question and called the help number. They said it was OK and the right way. Looking forward to some of your Q-view! 'WHO DAT' !



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Hahahaha thanks is for the info about the pan quesrion. Saints are my favorite NFC team; Brees is my favorite NFL player and little Sproles is a beast.
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  You are welcome. I have been a Saints fan since WAY before the paper bag days!



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  You are welcome. I have been a Saints fan since WAY before the paper bag days!



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Nice! I've been a charger fan since day 1, my dad has been a fan since they arrived in San Diego and I made it through all the Leaf years; those were some dark days.
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   The only NFL game that I have attended was when I was in San Diego  and the Browns came to town, about 1981 !Browns kicked butt that day.



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That's the greatest thing about being a charger fan, in 52 years of being in San Diego we have 1 Super Bowl appearance and that was a disaster. I watched the whole thing as a 10 year old and it crushed me; I was then inducted into Chargers' true fandom.
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