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1st Attempt - Wings

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Here is my first attempt at wings.  I used the Scarbelly model for half of the 14lbs.  They were rubbed and then injected with Creole Butter and Medium wing sauce.  The other half got an Asian Sauce.  Sriracha, honey, brown sugar and honey.  Used Alder wood for the smoke.


Smoked em, spritzed em and finished them on the grill.  They were a HUGE hit at the Memorial Day party! DELICIOUS!


Here are some pictures.



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Those look outstanding! Nicely done!

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Mmmmm looks great.
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Great looking chicken arms!  a39.gif



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All them Chicken parts and Me not around to help suck 'em down . Notify me next timeicon_rolleyes.gif

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Tried doing wings for the first time this past weekend. I came here for advice first, and took a little bit of info from several of you, then added my own touches. They seemed to be a hit at our barbeque last night. Pure smoke, no grilling, no frying, but crispy skin. Here are my secrets.


FYI, I used a 18.5 WSM with Kingsford charcoal and applewood chips.


Wash wings thoroughly, Clip the ends off at the first joint and discard. Cut the drummettes and the second pieces apart. Now, here comes the crispy skin trick:


STEP 1: Brine the wings overnight in the following mixture:


2 gallons water

1 cup kosher salt

1 cup brown sugar

2 lemons, quartered and squeezed

2 oranges, quartered and squeezed

6 long sprigs fresh rosemary

1 large bunch fresh sage


I mix the brine up in a small cooler, then add the wings. Make sure the wings are covered. Then add the ice from your icemaker and put the lid on tight. Brine for at least 4-6 hours. I do it overnight.


STEP 2: Drain and rinse the wings and pack them in a ziplock bag with enough olive oil to lightly coat. Refrigerate for 4 hours, rotating the bag so the oil coats the wings.


Reserve the oranges, lemons and herbs for the water bath in your smoker.


STEP 3: Coat the wings liberally with your favorite rub. Bring the smoker up to 275-300 degrees. Fill the water bath with the oranges, lemons and herbs. Add 4 full flavored ales or beers and 4 cups of water.


STEP 4: Lay the wings in a single layer. Smoke for 2 hours at 275-300 degrees. No basting or turning necessary. If your smoker has two levels, you may want to switch the racks at 1 hour.


STEP 5: Put them on the table and get out of the way so your friends don't knock you down. I like to sauce mine with Sweet Baby James Buffalo Sauce. My daughter likes the Sweet and Tangy.



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What great looking wings. I love chicken wings. Your friends and family are lucky!



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