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Does this ECB style smoker look OK?

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I am in the UK, so there are fewer smoker models available here, and the famous ECB is not that cheap over here! I have seen a similar looking model on ebay & amazon that looks OK in the pictures, but what do you all think?


I am on a budget and I am also new to smoking, so I'm just looking for something small & basic that will produce consistently good results. 


Would this offset model be preferable?



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pg89, hello!

I am of the opinion, having used both, that verticle smokers are easier to use than horizontal, but there are pros and cons to both.


Cheap horizontal offsets, like the one you have pictured, almost always require a lot of home modifications to make them more efficient smokers. Even then, you may get significant temperature differences from one side to the other. They also use a LOT of fuel. On the plus side however, you can usually get more meat in them, and easier access to it.


ECB's & those like them, offer better temperature control with far less charcoal, but if you are smoking more than one item, stacking the meat above the heat is cumbersome. And the lower rack is always hotter than the one above, forcing you to practically take it apart while hot, in order to switch racks around mid smoke.


Hope this helps!

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EBC's with 2 grill racks and bottom one only accessible from the top, is a problem. Wish I would have realized that before I bought mine.
I've had mine/electric EBC over a year, works great except the bottom rack is a PIA to get too..
I'm now looking at the Cheap charcoal horizontal offsets.
Good luck/smoking which ever way you go.
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Hello pg89....noticed that this is one of your first posts.  Would you mind checking in at Roll Call please?  We will be able to properly welcome you to SMF...and let you know some of the rules and things to do here.



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Thanks for the info! Very helpful! 


I might give the top one a go, as it looks like you can open it in 2 parts to access the bottom rack.


I'll let you know if it's any good!

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