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Hey people ! The other day I was at work and realized that the box of beef chuck top blades we got in were actually USDA PRIME BEEF!!

Well now when something like that happens I find it impossible to pass up.


I picked out 2 with similar shape and sizing.


Here's a closer look at the grading label.


The 2 roasts all cleaned and nestled in their bed.


And BEAR...this is for you! A before look.


 Be back in a few days for the conclusion!

Yep! Gonna make ya wait!!


And for stan....! Come on over Tuesday eve! These are gonna be like buttah!

Thanks for watching!


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Those look incredible. I cannot wait to see the finished product. Don't make us wait too long!!
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   Nice score!  Can't wait to see the  Q-view!



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SOB, morning....  Wow.... those are beauties....  You poor guy....  Do you realize what you are going to go through while eating those...  The images in your brain with every little chew...  The flavors dancing on your tongue....  How easily the meat melts in your mouth..... Not needing a knife to cut it on your plate....   And finally, realizing you are not dreaming !!!!!    Choice beef will be a total "let down" from now on.....   Don't eat it !!!! You will be tainted forever !!!   Mail it to me...  I will save you from future disappointment, and save your sanity....  


Someone has to do it...   Dave

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I will try to get there, been thinking of a Briskey lately,and Prime will suffice...


Thanks .,see ya in the smoke...

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Loaded them in the UDS with some pecan splits.


I smoked them like a brisket...250* till they reached 160*IT,,,foiled then took em to 200* IT.


Soooo Juicy! Soooo Tender!


The Plate View!   AAAAAAAANNNNDDD!!!!!


The BEAR View!  I love you Bear! Man!



Thanks for watching!


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My mouth is watering....looks delicious. I gotta do a brisket one if these days
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Very nice do on the meat.....   Perfect....    



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SOB. I'm sitting here Pi$$ed off .. couldn't get out your way. Seems the P/U had a slpit in one of the front tires and my F-I-L and a friend noticed it and we worked for 4 hrs. getting the wheel off ( had to cut the Chrome caps off the lug nuts,tire tools wouldn't fit , then they were froze really tight) .  I was scared they were going to break my lugbolts off icon_eek.gif.


Long story short, we got the tire back from Northcoast Tire (on 6&23). Had trucks ahead of me...


Sorry I didn't make it , I was hungry for some good Beef...


See ya in the Smoke.. later...

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