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Chicken Thighs & Pork Spare Ribs

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can you smoke these two at the same time and if so when should you put each on and take off.
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Sure! At 225-240*F the Ribs will take about 6 hours, the Thighs maybe 2-3 tops, going to an IT of 175*F. Start your ribs, go the first leg of 3-2-1. When it's time, Foil the Ribs, go back in the smoker and add the Chicken. Finish the cook. They should come off about the same time or the thighs a little early. This is no big deal as you will want to Re-heat the thighs on the Grill to crisp the skin anyway. While the ribs rest , Grill the thighs and serve all together. Another option is to Smoke your ribs at the low temp till done then wrap them in Foil and Towels in a cooler to rest. You Crank the Smoker to 300-325*F and smoke the Chicken. The Thighs will be done in 45-60 minutes and have a great crisp skin. Don't sweat Bird on top or Ribs on top, chicken juice can't get through Foil and all will be cooked when they come off...JJ

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I'll be using a charcoal smoker,if that makes a difference. should I hit both every hour with apple juice? also doninhave to use the 3-2-1 or could I just keep the ribs on for 6 straight hours? and finally when do I hit both meats with sauce?
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charcoal with hickory wood
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also we are talking 3 slabs of ribs and about 15 chicken thighs
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Time remains the same unless a larger hunk of meat is placed in the Smoker...1 to 100 ribs placed in at the same time will come off in relatively the same time.


Ribs should do this when picked-up with a pair of Tongs(not THONGS-keep your mind on the Smoke). ROTF.gif





have fun and as always . . .

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thanks old school
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