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yesterdays smoking

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well after a short break from memorial weekend we decided to do a last minutes smoking yesterday


just some potatoes and boneless pork chops


here are the highlights








yea a little made it to a plate this time.


however after memorial weekend I have discovered that i need more cubic inches of smoker racks


but I will discuse that in another thread.


ps one question I used a mesquite hardwood lump charcoal I noticed everything had almost to much smoke flavor to it 


this is the first time I used lump charcoal.  So when I use lump charcoal do I need to significantly reduce the amount of wood i add for smoking???

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I'm not a big Lump guy, but you can probably get away with just the lump without adding any wood.

If you got too much smoke flavor on such a short cook, you are definitely adding too much wood. I would try it without any wood at all to get a base line of your flavor profile for a similar shorter cook then tweak from there.

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Looks great!  Glad things turned out for ya!


I am sort of leary of mesquite....heard it can be strong....I have over done it with Hickory before....never again.



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OR , you could use a fire pit and pre-burn the wood to Embers and add to the Smoker. All TBS.

Just sayin' , have fun and as always . . .

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I want to thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement..

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Nice going, Jon!  That's a pretty plate!



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