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Talapia fillets on the WSM

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Got hold of some really nice big Talapia fillets and got them ready for the grill by painting them with a marinade made up of


1 cup of Worcestershire

6 tbl melted unsalted butter

juice of 1 lemon

some Cajun seasonings, I used Tony's but Slap yo mama or any other style would work too.





Let these go for just a little over 30 minutes over some hot coals, top and bottom vents wide open, a pan underneath along with a couple of chunks of Pecan wood for smoke, then removed and plated and topped off with some fresh made pineapple/mango salsa. Was some great eating.





Thanks for looking.

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that looks like tilapia not red snapper, I am a fish monger by trade. I could be wrong but seafood fraud is quite common.

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the more I look at it that is tilapia just do a search of tilapia fillet and you will see.

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Could have very well been Talpia, I bought them, they were the biggest Talpia fillets I've ever seen and they ate well.  Thanks for the heads up Mirtime, and will reproach the scoundrel selling them as such.


Went back and renamed the thread as to not be giving out bad info. Thanks again mirtime!

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That's what I though you said,Talapia. That's what it is, done a lot of them at the Restaurant. Good for farm raised Fish. But then the wild varieties of fish are going the way of doom, what all the poisons in the water. Just sayin'


Have fun and as always . . .

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Nice looking Talapia. I have just purchased a similar fine mesh grill like you used. I will have to try some of the ling cod that I have that way.  We have always had an issue here with people calling the rockfish we catch "Red Snapper" or "Pacific Snapper".


We have a new CSA here that is not only growing veggies to buy, but they also raise Tilapia. Its an interesting operation.

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