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Not smoking, but grilling

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Well technically I did smoke a little, but just quickly to get a little flavor. Invited my brother and his family over for dinner, had some fresh cut t-bones, shrimp skewers, grilled corn and mac & cheese. Put a little more fine tuning on the steak marinade and made a new marinade off the top of my head for the shrimp using what is commonly used on shrimp marinades as a base(olive oil, lemon juice).


I broke the golden rule of smoking/grilling and didn't write down my recipe. As luck would have it, those were the best shrimp skewers I've ever eaten, which got a second, third, fourth and fifth nomination by my wife and brothers family.


Guess this gives me a reason to get more shrimp and try again, see if I can duplicate the results and WRITE IT DOWN!


Skewers consisted of potato, green pepper, vidalia onion, jumbo shrimp, carrot & broccoli.


Sorry no q-views, having them over for dinner was a spur of the moment thing so everything was rushed to double the dinner, pot.gif

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  Ahh  Now you are starting to see the light! We love our Q-View!



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th_nopicsye3.gif Lol

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Hello. Here's a good Marinade to try and you can expand on it if you want , Garlic, Onion, Cumin , etc. :


 This a very good flavor and should help tenderize you Steaks.


Have fun . . .

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Thanks Tex I will give that one a try for sure !

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The steaks were amazingly tender, I have the recipe for the steak marinade, its the shrimp. Best. Darn. Shrimp. Ever.(IMHO). I have it narrowed down to a few spices, just gotta work out the combination and quantities again. 


But I will give that dressing a try as well

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