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Anyone do boneless skinless Chicken breasts?

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I have never done these, done lots of thighs and wings even halves.
My doctor has me on an eating plan (I am really overweight) and this part of the plan has no alcohol,starches,sugars,artificial sweeteners (other than Xylitol,truvia and stevia) fats,oils,dairy. It is lean meats, vegtables and fruits with some limitations.

I am wanting to smoke some things and chicken and turkey breasts are on my list, so does anyone cook these and how do youu keep them from drying out, bacon is not on the list or I would have had my problem solved. Will also be looking at doing eye of round and maybe boneless porkloin well trimmed.


thanks for the info.



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Dave. try cutting a pocket in them. Fill pocket with sliced Mushrooms, or canned Mushrooms. hold closed with a toothpick.


I did leave out the part of fill with cheese and wrap with bacon.

Happy smoken.


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try kbobs. onion peppers tomatos.mushrooms squash.


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I work rub under the skin and just remove the skin from the chi ken when I serve it. I have been able to keep it moist consistency

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Guys, he can't have the fats-Bacon or Chix skin- so lead him toward Healthy way to get his Yardbird.


Off the top of my head , I can see doing a Soice rub you like (sans Sugars) ; Chiles and some other Spices tend to have good nutrients in them ...Capsasin , natural sweetners . etc. biggrin.gif


Ask your Doc first to see if your on the same page (I'll venture to say , He'll agree and remind you of no Salt). I was Chef Mgr. at the Windsor Lane Health Care and Retirement Ctr. . We had both Bariactrics and Geriactrics , my adding Spices to the Wholesale Supply food , made it palatable for everyone . The Old folks Thrived and the Bariatrics lost weight.


Just sayin'.  And while I spouting... do Veggies , grilled or smoked Veggies are great and good for you. I don't oil any of them before cooking...just wet them and add your Smoking Spice(homemade by you) and things like Onions , Squash of anykind , Potatoes with no Fats , Cabbage , and other root Veggies become another course and healthy for you in the same time.


Hope this helps and good luck Brother. Hope to see less of you...confused.gif

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Is brine on option? Maybe someone can help you with one that is acceptable for your eating plan.
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Thank you everyone so far, I was thinking of the brine thing, and the stuffing them is a good idea. I have made some seasonings without sugars, and use Old Bay seasoning. I never tried smoked squash but that I will do, have done onions and cabbage.

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Hi Dave.

I make a Cilantro Lime Chicken that we really like. You can check out a thread with that recipe here:

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I've done the boneless skinless breasts before, and I wrapped them in bacon, but the outside that didn't have the bacon touching it was really tough.  The inside was nice and moist, but the outside was a real turn off.  Is there something you could wrap them in or put on the outside that wouldn't create the thick bark?  Romaine or spinach? 

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Originally Posted by SeenRed View Post

Hi Dave.

I make a Cilantro Lime Chicken that we really like. You can check out a thread with that recipe here:


OK RED I have a problem.duel.gif

You no longer have a mes40 I knowicon_smile.gif. Tell Ms Red I want all the pinspolice2.gif


ok hijack2.gif sorry. Try the pico on the breast. I forgot about that. just leave out the salt.

Happy smoken.


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Just thinking "out loud" here, but something that may be worth a shot is grape leaves.  I've grilled crab cakes on my charcoal Weber before by wrapping them in grape leaves, and it worked pretty darned well.  I found them in the Mediterranean section of my grocery store. This may help the drying out that usually accompanies boneless skinless chicken breast, without having to resort to extra fats.  Plus, the leaves can help hold in other flavoring materials.



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