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Round 2 Baby Back Pork Ribs

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I smoked the other half (5 lbs.) of my baby back pork ribs today.  




I made up some rub, basted the raw ribs with some store bought sauce so the rub would stick.  I used a little less rub this time on 2 racks, the other had almost no rub.



Here are the ready to smoke ribs with rub:



I used cherry wood chips this time instead of apple.  Here they are soaking:




Then in they went for about 3 hrs.  Here is my delicious smoke:




Last time I did the wet to dry chamber method, this time I did 3-1 method (I changed the 2 to a 1 and omitted the 1).  Here are the racks after wrapping in tin foil, ready for another hour.



Here are some of the finished product pics.  I only sampled from the one rack, but I'd have to say I preferred the wet to dry method.  These were very tasty and tender and juicy, but the flavor seemed better last week with the wet to dry chamber.  Also I preferred the fall apart almost flaky texture of the wet/dry meat vs. the more chewy juicy 3-1 method.  Maybe the other racks will change my mind??  Anyway, check 'em out!







Delicious, I love this job!

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Nice job! Ribs look good!

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Those look delicious! Nice job!

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