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New 120 gal RF Build

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Hey friends I am a new member who wants to build a RF smoker, need help so here goes.


I have a 120 upright propane tank ( 30 inch diameter, 54 inches length).


Trying to use the Feldon's calculator, but I still need some help with;


CC door size

FB size, would 24 x 24 be to big?

size of cut on tank for FB


Also I have been reading some of threads and it seems like this type of build has problems with to much weight on the FB side, how do you get around this?


I would like to take the valves off today. The tank was sitting empty for a good while, it looks like part of one of the valves is off. Can I take the valves off or is there something else I need to do first.


Thanks guys for all your help.




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Welcome Mike!


There are a host of experts that will be along to help but I'll start with a few answers to get you started with your decisions.


First, the CC door is usually cut a few inches down from top dead center and runs slightly above 90 degrees on most of the smokers I've seen.


The FB is a cubic dimension so you need another number to fill out the calculator, 24x24x24 would be about 50% bigger than needed but it wouldn't hurt and 24x24x18 would be about 12% bigger than required.


The cut on the CC for the FB needs to be 110 square inches. Check out the circle calculator to see how deeply you need to cut into the CC to get to 110 square inches. Circle Calc  I'm sure Dave will be along to provide sage advise.


I can't help much with the weight but it seems to be the nature of the beast and usually folks inset the FB into the CC by about 30% which will help to move the center of gravity into the CC.


You don't need to do anything else to finish stripping the fittings from the tank since it's been sitting open for awhile.


You have a great looking tank, I like that shape since it allows for taller rack spacing.


Best of luck and welcome again.


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Thanks Len this info helps, so I will strip the valves today, fill with water, dump it and then fill with water and dawn and let it sit a day or two.


Great I feel like I can get something done today.


Thanks mike

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