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My 2nd pork butt !!!!!!!!

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This thing turned out way awesome again smoked between 250 and 275. I pulled at 171 this time instead of 200. I double wrapped it in foil and stuck in a cooler. I'm going to let it rest for 3 hours. So I'm hoping the temp will be right at 200 when I start to pull it apart. Same rub same glaze and injection. Used peach wood for the cook besides one mini log of pecan mainly to help with heat. I'm not the best at taking progress pics cause I normally just up and decide when I want to cook. So again it's a finished pic but it looks a hell of a lot better this time. She laid naked for the whole cook, I started at 12am this morning and pulled it off the grill at 6am. But here's a pic of it let me know what yall think !
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Looks great! You gonna have some for breakfast? Couple eggs and toast and some nice pork shoulder......grilling_smilie.gif
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Nope going to bed right now I've been up for 26 hours non stop ill get up at 9 to pull then back to bed ha ha
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Looks good Stang.

Happy smoken.


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Looks good to me!  icon14.gif



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That looks great, 'stang!  Very nicely done...enjoy your nap!  biggrin.gif



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Ha ha thanks guys but wished I left it on longer... Started to try pull it and money muscle did oooookkkkk in that tone but prolly better off fully sliced or cut in cubes. I just done a mixture of each... It tastes awesome though and good smoke ring. Thanks again for the likes. I def got to make a new glaze thisos just to spicy. I know my base will include apple jelly and honey.
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