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Shouldn't hurt to let the 280*F temp. to cook it ; lots have done a fast Brisket and came out good...


The finish looked great...

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There is no doubt in my mind that your brisket came off a Weber. Nice job!



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Burnt ends excellent
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Brisket not as tender as I wanted but guests were happy with it. A good first attempt but far from perfected.
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Doo don't sweat looks great and we are our own worst critics when it comes to Q.   


Smokenator or the mod i did works great for Kettle low and slow temps...also wind plays havoc also unless it's blocked.   

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Fwi, it was a good try. I appreciate all the types and support with the brisket today.
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You did great!  The folks loved it and that is what is important!



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Looks good. I've done low and slow, and I've mastered(in my family's eyes) the hot and fast...but none of us would be here if we never had to try. That's what Q'n is all about. Just a bunch of tries til perfect. There's always tons of support here on this forum...heck I sit outside with a beer and laptop with something on the smoker...just a reading away. Lol. I guess the teachers were right...reading IS fundamental!
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Doo that brisket looks great. even bad Q is better than Good fast food. I have to agree with FWI. everyone should own a kettle. i have cold smoked, hot smoked, long smoked,c grilled and warmed on mine.

Thanks for the Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Great Job. Looks fantastic .. Awsome smoke ring. The kettle can do it all..
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Great looking brisket, especially for a first attempt ! ! !







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Hey,  I just started with my Weber kettle this spring.  I'm very new at this skill of smoking.  First attempt was horrible but my second try was pretty good.  Controlling the heat is the hardest part.  I found a small semi-circular basket at Menards that fits into the rounded side of the kettle. I put unlit briquettes in the bottom and a few lit ones on top.  I read about this technic for heat control in another thread.  Anyway,  I was able to keep the fire going for 8 hrs. plus.  I didn't need that long but just wanted to see how much time I could get out of the burn.  I was able to keep the temp at 220-250 which is the desired range for big country ribs.  I used apple and hickory wood for smoke.  I am going to keep using my Weber kettle until I get more mastery over temp and smoke flavoring.  JROB 47

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Looks awesome!  Thanks for sharing!


What did you season it with?  I have not smoked anything but chicken on my Weber but I'd like to try larger cuts for the challenge.  I love the simplicity of it!

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When you ask about "seasoning" I assume you;re asking about season the meant and not the kettle, right?


When I started cooking briskets, chuck roasts, etc, my first go to choice was Montreal Steak and I like it.  I will also use a rub put up out by KCBS winner Rod Gray called The Most Powerful Stuff.  It is also a salt -based rub but has a lot more sugar in it.







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Yup- should have clarified rub. Thanks for the info!
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Hi Swine Fan,  The recipe for my country style ribs is in Jeff Phillips book "Smokin' Meat".  I used a dry rub from the dry rub chapter.  Just salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and I added onion powder.  I basted the meat the last 2 hours with apple juice.  As I said,  the smoke was hickory and apple wood.  I know that I will have to adjust the amount of pepper, though.  If you like a lot of Hot pepper flavor this is the recipe for you.  JROB47

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No worries, just glad I got it right!









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Was the taste of the meat too smoky or just right?
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