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First attempt at brisket with weber kettle

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I may be nuts but smoking a brisket on my weber for the first time. Read lots of info on hear and wanted to give it a try. Keeping the temp low is already proving to be a challenge(180 now). More pics to follow.
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Ok smoke gods out there, time for a little q and a. I have been on for about 2 hours and the grill wants to settle in at 273. When I mess with it it drops like a rock and then I have to play to get it back up. Am I doing any harm to the meat just letting it go at 273? I am using lump charcoal and apple/maple wood for smoke. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I have not tried this yet but saw it here and saw Alton Brown do the ring of fire. It allows for a long burn time and low temps.







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275 is just about the perfect temp for a brisket. It looks like you have too much coal in there, try scaling back next timenwith that. I typically start with about 3/4 a chimney of unlit then add about 1/4 lit to it.

When you get it to the twmp you want, leave it alone. If it shoots too high, close the dampers , if its to cool, open them. I usually have the top wide open amd bottom about 1/4 open on my Weber.

Good luck!

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Doohop the better you can shield off the coals the better, i used fire bricks and i like the smokenator concept as well... this is mod i did that has worked really well, i can keep 240 ish.   Good luck with the cook!icon14.gif



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Thanks for the suggestions guys. That first post should have said 280 not 180. I have just left it be and we are currently at 250. Will get get more pictures later when I put the meat probe in. So far so good though
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I can't tell for sure the size of your weber. But, if it is the 22" then look on the net for "smokenator". I think it is the neatest accessory to my 22". It is easy to control the temps on long cooks. I swear by mine.

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It is a 22 inch kettle. I will look into the smokenator.

Here is another picture. 5.5 hours in. Grill has been hanging out around 250 and I am letting it do it's thing. Put in another set of maple and apple chunks.

Put in meat probe and IT is at 163. Looks good so far.

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Keep it up....looks nice from here.  Show that q-view!



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This brisket will be as good, tender and tasty as any brisket done on the biggest fanciest smoker...I've said it before and i'll say it again... EVERYONE should have a kettle grill. 

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Thanks for the kind words. Here is another question. She is running 202 IT but when I tried the toothpick test in the thickest part it was not super tender. Any thoughts, do I keep smoking or pull and wrap?

FYI. Windy as heck here today so temp has been jumping between 245 and 290. Maybe that is messing me up
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I'd pull and wrap really well and put in a cooler...it'll continue to tenderize.     Was that a full packer?    



Off topic but i highly recommend getting either a PartyQ or Pitmaster IQ ( i have both) but it'll keep rock solid temps but you'll still want to do a wind block. 

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It is a full packer. Right around 12 pounds from the local butcher. Thanks for the heads up
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Are you doing the burnt ends?

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Yes. I am going to try and figure that out shortly. I was going to pull it and do that but my wife informed me I had flower garden to rototill for her first.
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Tell your wife i said she needs to get her priorities straight ;)

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Here is the pulled product. Burnt ends just went on and the brisket is in the cooler resting.
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That is a beauty!  icon14.gif  Good job and nice q-views!



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That looks very tasty!  Nicely done!



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