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I plan to add a couple of dampers near the bottom, a grommet for the maverick probes, and 1 or 2 other things

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I have one that I've had for about five years or so. I added angle iron on each side and can put 12 racks in it for when I make jerky. I also just recently put a 1500 watt electric element in it. I was tired of buying gas. They were for some kind of indoor grill that I found at a flea market for 3 bucks apiece so I bought a few in case one burns out.
I'm gonna add some rocks to the pan in the bottom which the element sits right on top of and insulate it. It works pretty good will run as high as 275

You can see the element in the bottom and all the angle I added to the sides. I can make a lot of jerky in this thing!
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I like that modification a lot. If I can't get my smoker down to low temps with the mods I have done, I will look into an electric element

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BTW, where did you get the extra racks? Char-broil sells 1 rack for 40 bucks.

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What ever racks I could find that fit or cut to fit is what I use.
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Well, I've done a bunch of modifications to the char-broil and I can now keep a steady range of 255-265 degrees for however long I need to. That's still too hot for winter/summer sausage but should work for everything else. Maybe I'll just buy a big chief electric for sausage and trout.


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Going to add this soon:


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We'll be watching



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I installed the electric element in my char-broil today and man, it works great. Got consistent low temps from 110-ish to 170-ish, mainly from damper adjustments. I barely turned the element on low. I still have the propane stuff ready to be hooked up when I need 250 degree+ temps.


I installed the element in the side, and it rests on the old water/chip pan (filled with sand). I'll post some pics soon

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Nothing like it working like it is supposed too



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Sure, it would have been cheaper to just buy a little chief but why do things the easy way?

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Nice install..... You'll get lots of use from that smoker now..... Great job...... 2thumbs.gif ...
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What you gunna smoke today ?

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I'm starting springtime work on the motorhome today. I sense a getaway in the near future. Future sessions will be sausage, ribs, and bacon. Then back on the WallyWill in the fall

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Post some pics of the motor home



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Big Hoss (Mallard Sprinter)


The Toad 



Future designs include a draft beer jockey box and small smoker to support my habits whilst on the road

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Sounds like a plan to me,  Nice looking rig



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