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A few smoke reports

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Just a few pics from some recent smokes.

First up, 6 pork butts for my local Relay for life.

Yielded about 20lbs pulled. Smoked for about 12 hours, then another 4 in the oven (had to leave for work, came back and pulled at lunch). Mustard and memphis dust, lexington style dip, hickory chunks.

Smoked it a few days before the event, then reheated on site. Also did 20 lbs of wings and about 100 burgers and dogs, pkus a few brats for the cooks. No pics of the wings, but they were tasty.

Next up, a small smoked pork tenderloin (which we just ate)

Memphis dust and a stubbs bbq sauce, apple wood. Served it with a bok choy and apple slaw.

All cooked on a masterbuilt extrawide propane smoker.

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That all looks delicious, Brad! Nicely done!

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Wish I had the room on my smoker to do that much... I think it's time...

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