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Old Smokey Tri and Fixins

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Getting the OS ready for some taters, blooming onion, corns and a small marinated sirloin tri.

Charcoal and hickory mojobrick.


Getting my vidalia onion ready. Cut off the top and peel 1st layer back.


Core the onion (dont go all the way thru)


Put 1 chicken bullion cube in the core.


Fill the core with buddah


Top with whatever you like.


Wrap in foil.


Taters and onion.


The microwave trick to remove all the silk works.




And 1 small marinated sirloin tri





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Nepas, try the Corn(after de-silking) with the husk on and cover it with Mayonaisse , re-wrap Husk then tie the end and cook as usual. Very good......


Don't get me wrong, yours looks marvelous,as the other courses , I was suggesting a change of pace...icon_redface.gif


Have fun and. . .

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Yummmm.....I want to fly down and eat dinner with yall!


OldSchool....I am going to try that trick...and not tell the Fam....they don't care for mayo.



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Onion turned our really good.


Corn and tater.







Going to try the mayo thing.

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