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Water Basin in Charcoal Smoker

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Hey There, just wondering the difference between using the tub of water in my weber smoker or not.


I have seen reference to not putting it in, and I was wondering if any light could be shed into why or why not to use the basin of water ion the weber smoker... 

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What type of weber smoker? I have quit using water in all of my smokers, instead I fill the water pan with play sand (because it is clean) and cover with two layers of HD aluminum foil. It is more stable than water and doesn't require refilling. If I am making sausage I do use water to keep the casings from drying out too fast.

If you didn't use the water I am guessing it would be hard to control the temps in your smoker.

Good luck and happy smoking!

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Coffee Junkie nailed it!


If you don't put something in that water pan, water or sand, your temps will be all over the place.


The liquid or sand acts as a heat sink to stabilize the temperature in the smoker and the water will add a little humidity to the chamber as well.


Like CJ, I have made the switch to sand (play sand) and I get much better stability this way.


Good luck,



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Use a coarse grain sand ..not play sand!!!!

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Sand, interesting. 


Thanks for the input!!

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