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Last bird

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Well guys, its been a little while since my last post. Been busy with school and work, but i managed to get this smoke in the other day.

I still had one turkey in my freezer from turkey season( shot by yours truley) so decided to do it up. It was right around 13-15lbs.

I used a mixture of Jack Daniels and Apple wood chips throughout the entire smoke , bout 50/50.

On the bird it self i used a basic rub that included white sugar, salt, pep, red pep, ground cayenne and some other things i had lying around think i through some Montreal on there as well. I Also injected this beauty all over with Franks buffalo that was added to some melted butter with some spices mixed in it. Enjoy :)

She took around 5 hours or so

There it is, right as its coming off the smoke mmmm

Let it rest for around 30min and couldn't wait any longer. It just melted in your mouth, absolutely delicious.

Thanks for lookin !
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Nice,Lownsmoke. I know that was good. Can almost taste it here...drool.gif.


Good to hear from Ya.....

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Looks great to me!  Glad you finally had some "smoke time"!


Kat chicken.gif

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Nice!  That bird looks delicious!  Good going...bravo.png



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looks great. nothing like turkey781.gif hunting. unless it is turkeyth_Slab_of_meat.gifsmoking.

Happy smoken.


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Looks great! I always wanted to go on a turkey shoot.

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Thanks fellas
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